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For 2016 we are offering unique opportunities for investors in development projects featuring multi-family rental units located in the heart of the Ouatouais and consisting of various model dwellings.

In light of a recent feasibility study (technical-financial-organizational), Alexma Construction, through its President Mario Laurin, has engaged in the planning process (content-resources-deadlines-costs) and, based on the findings of various studies, finds itself uniquely positioned to offer various types of dwellings at affordable costs and great locations.

Let’s consider the current economic reality. The Outaouais region welcomes thousands of new residents each year who are looking to settle down in a strategic location where they can find work in various sectors of activity, including the federal or provincial government and its respective agencies. The various locations of our development projects and their proximity to many services, offer investors an opportunity for diverse housing with variable unit numbers.

Whether you’re looking for apartments, condos or townhomes, these development projects are a unique opportunity for investors to develop a new portfolio or diversify an existing one. The various sites have been selected for multiple dwelling units and, since developers must present implementation and architectural integration plans of innovative and environmentally-friendly models, investors will have an interesting choice of 2, 4, 6, 12, 16, 24 and 48-unit models. These buildings will either be condominiums, apartments or townhomes, which will offer many options in terms of investment, market value and resale flexibility.

Moreover, we offer our clients a turnkey investment. With the usual approvals required, Alexma Construction may submit building models and final construction costs. A consultation session will take place with investors during which decisions will be made as to the type of building, the number of units, the interior and exterior finishings, etc.

Alexma Construction invites you to contact our Operations Director, Denis Groulx, to learn more about these development projects and its unique business opportunity.

Services offered to investors

  • New Project - Aylmer Sector
  • Leasing home investment projects
  • Expansion
  • Location
  • Project management
  • Conception of home plans
  • Interior design
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